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Posted by Dan on April 19, 2012 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (163)

Back in the 1970's, ABC affiliates produced the now defunct WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS, which used to air on Saturday Afternoon's. The late Jim McKay, who was the announcer would open the broadcast describing the show as celebrating "The Thrill of Victory, and the Agony of Defeat", and those who were defeated clearly showed on those who lost in their particular competition.

Yesterday's news conference in which Bishop Richard Lennon officially announced that he would not appeal the decrees of the Congregation for the Clergy to the Apostolic Signatura was a clear sign of this agony of defeat, and it showed on Bishop Lennon's face.

What was most compelling to this blogger, is that the Bishop of Cleveland stated not once, but twice, that he would "not speculate....I'm not going down that path, because I don't want to be talking out of both sides of my mouth!" EXCUSE ME, Bishop Lennon....EXCUSE ME!!! This is precisely what you have been doing for the past three years, and we have letters to prove this!

The reality of the matter is this Bishop Lennon: 1. You tout yourself as a self-trained canonist, yet, any person who has rigorously studied canon law, whether or not they are degreed, will tell you that a Decree must, for validity, contain a particular style along with proper canonical citations, etc. The leters you sent out three years ago, although they contain semblances of a decree, were in fact, just that...letters. 2. That being said, the boorish Massachusetts arrogance contained within you is simply reprehensible! You have needlessly berated members of the media and the Christian Faithful, using bully tactics in a futile attempt to convince the Cleveland community that you followed proper canonical procedure, when in fact, you did not. This also includes the reality that not one person in Cleveland or beyond, believes for a second, that YOU requested the Apostolic Visitation last Summer. This was well in the works for over a year beacuse YOU were cognizant back then that there were numerous letters, faxes and phone calls reaching Rome regarding your heavy-handed tactics. No person, with even a shred of integrity would ever insist on their work being inspected, and if you're authentically proficient in canon law as you claim to be, there is no such provision in canon law that provides any bishop to request an Apostolic Visitation on his own initiative. 3. It's time for you to admit your dishonesty, your destruction of Catholic identity in Cleveland, and the gross lack of morale in the Chancery Office, which was the principal cause of many terminating their employment with the Diocese, some having been at the Chancery for well over 25 years.

In the final analysis, you need to come to a realization that no bishop is above the law- be it canonical or civil; that while a bishop has full and immediate authority in his Diocese, he does not have the right to abuse the flock entrusted to his care, nor does he have the right to threaten his priests who seek legitimate answers to legitimate questions.

Yesterday's news conference was a clear indication that your were defeated by Rome, and the agony of this defeat was clearly visible. It's clearly the time for you to say "I'm sorry" and move on from Cleveland.


Posted by Dan on January 12, 2012 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Anyone who tuned to the News Channel 5 press conference by Bishop Lennon on January 9, 2012, should have been adept to the following reality...namely, that the Bishop from Boston who blew into Cleveland and caused widespread damage to Catholic identity, is engaging in a massive PR campaign in order to paint himself as the every loyal, ever dedicated Bishop!

Let's take a look at the facts:

First., Bishop Lennon is a profoundly stupid man if he thinks people will believe that he asked for an Apostolic Visit, which brought retired Trenton Bishop John M. Smith to Cleveland for a week-long stay in our city to find out just what is going on here. A canonist from Chicago shared this observation with me and several others: "For Lennon to say that he requested this visit would be like you or I going to the IRS and saying, "I think I've made 7 years worth of errors on my tax returns...audit me!" The canonist went on to say that there is no provision in canon law for this. So, the other reality is that Lennon is such a profound liar, he takes credit for his own trouble! But then, he's from Massachusetts...that says it all!

Second, Lennon's civil attorney, Martin Glavin, gets off telling this blogger that I posted a fraudulent letter that the Bishop adamantly denies writing because there is an absence of protocol numbers, etc. Well, guess what? That's irrelevant, and no rational person cares what Mr. Glavin or Bishop Lennon think. The truth of the matter is this: Ask any person who worked in the Cleveland Chancery office- both at 1027 Superior Avenue and then at 1409 E. 9th Street in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, and they will tell you that Lennon "demanded us to write these horrible letters in response to the complaints of the parishioners, and then we either resigned or he terminated our employment." I can't mention names, because the persons in question have made it clear that Lennon and his attorney would come after them if they disclosed anything. Moreover, the alleged letter that Martin Glavin cited as fraudulent, must not be as such after all, because every other sane attorney and judge in the City of Cleveland has seen this letter and I find it rather compelling that Mr. Glavin has not had the matter investigated further.

Third, be sure to view the latest updated entry on this website. Talk about corruption! And my guess is that Martin Glavin will not respond to this because he's acutely aware that his legal career can come to an abrupt halt, if he continues to promote Lennon's agenda of dishonesty and empty threats of litigation. 

Stay tuned folks...the soap-opera...'As the Cleveland Diocese Turns' will continue in just a few moments!!

-Dan Green

A You Tube Video...

Posted by Dan on July 6, 2010 at 6:41 PM Comments comments (0)

With an extremely suggestive screename....Perhaps this evokes the feelings of most of the people of the Diocese of Cleveland towards Bishop Lennon??    :D


Posted by Dan on July 1, 2010 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I was rather amused when I read "For the Record"- which appeared on the Cleveland Diocesan Website with regard to the parish closures. 

Those who know me well are very much aware that for the most part, I'm no fan of the diocesan establishment...otherwise, I would not have expended time and energy in creating this wesbite in the wake of the closing of my former parish of Saint Casimir on Sowinski. However, I will stand with the Diocese in attacking the Plain Dealer for their gross negligence in failing to understand that in the course of our diocesan history, parishes have been suppressed, and that canon law affords no acknowledgment of the term "desanctify." Additionally, I have my own issues with the Plain Dealer, and that's no secret either.

The fact that Bishop Lennon has disregarded many of the cluster recommendations is of itself a violation of canon law. The universal law of the Church affords every bishop with full and immediate authority within his diocese, including the erection and suppression of parishes, and the establishment of particular law, i.e.,. policies to be followed in a specific (arch)diocese, provided that they are not contrary to the universal law of the Church. Vibrant Parish Life-II was, and still is particular law in the Diocese of Cleveland. Bishop Lennon initiated a procedure whereby cluster teams were to submit their findings to him regarding viability with specific reporting deadlines. While the bishop may have indeed consulted the College of Consultors as required by canon law, there is clear evidence that his judgments on numerous parishes were blatantly flawed, and in some cases, categorically ignored cluster recommendations, and in the matter of Saint Patrick Parish on Cleveland's West Side, he not only ignored cluster recommendations, he closed this parish on the basis of flawed reports of Father Joseph Fortuna, the former pastor of Ascension Parish in Cleveland, and Father Timothy Daw. Saint Patrick's closure (along with several other parishes) has been appealed to the Vatican, and Bishop Lennon is likewise in violation of procedural law, since his decision is being appealed. Whether or not the matter is administrative or juridicial is irrelevant. Under canon law, whenever an appeal against an act or a decision of a bishop is taken to the level of the Holy See, all action MUST CEASE, which is something Bob Tayek blatantly lied about! He is not a canonist, and therefore, is not competent to render such an opinion. Moreover, the bishop is not to create a double standard by demanding that parishioners observe particular law while he does not!

Visitors to our website should not erroneously conclude that I condone or otherwise approve of the reckless and irresponsible way in which Bishop Richard Lennon has closed and/or merged the parishes in our Diocese...I CERTAINLY DO NOT APPROVE! 

However, I do feel that in conscience, that the scriptural reference of  "the truth shall set you free", is rather hypocritical, given that in the past (including the flawed procedure involving these closures), our Diocese has been less than truthful with its parishioners! When our Diocesan leaders can publicly admit that they have sinned through their dishonesty and the emotional cruelty they have inflicted on the faithful who pay their salaries through weekly collections and assessments, THEN they can talk about TRUTH! Until then, they need to keep their mouths shut and be silent...and that includes Bishop Lennon, who definitely has a very serious problem with the TRUTH!


Posted by Dan on June 28, 2010 at 11:42 PM Comments comments (4)

If Bishop Richard Lennon thinks the people of the Diocese of Cleveland are against him, he needs only to look no further than himself to ask why. Consider the following:

Bishop Lennon, while vicar general of the Archdiocese of Boston, made it very clear that he shared Cardinal Law's assessment that the clerical sexual abuse scandal was a Chicago problem and not a Boston problem. While the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin brought the abuse scandal to the spotlight, and while Mundelein Seminary had a notorious reputation, it was Richard Lennon who kept adding to the smokescreen of denying that Boston had any problems, and put the blame squarely in Chicago. 

A bishop who needs a police escort to close a parish in the United States??? WHAT A JOKE! It was Bishop Lennon who ignored the VPL-II recommendations, so it's in his 'little mind' that the people of this Diocese have a lot to think about? It's the other way around. Even Cardinal Law did not have a police escort with him. BTW....PROPER LAW for a diocese means that the bishop is likewise bound to it, unless it is contrary to the universal Code of Canon Law. And what he's doing in Cleveland is SINFUL!

Richard Lennon understands????  Let's take this downtown! He's as artificial as a cheap bouquet of plastic grave flowers from a Dollar Store! And if he thinks he's' not making money on these closures, here's a reality check, bishop....YOU ARE!!  You're making money from the sale of the buildings, and in doing so, you're making back the expense of closing the parish. Additionally, his Special Assistant for Reconfiguration,  Deacon James Armstrong, is another idiot to avoid. He is just as arrogant and ignorant as the man he works for. AFFORD THIS MAN NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT WHATSOEVER...this also extends to Father Ralph Wiatrowski, the Pastor of Saint Barnabas Parish in Northfield, who is still listed in the ANNUARIO PONTIFICO and THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC DIRECTORY as the Vicar General of the Diocese of Cleveland. He is likewise, an EVIL AND DISHONEST MAN! Check out the photo album here!!

Don't ever think of calling the Chancery Office...the fem-nazi Chancellor, Sr. Therese Guerin Sullivan, refuses to return calls, and you can never reach her. Then, if you happen to get her secretary, Elaine Craider, never ask her for the address or phone number for any institution in the diocese if you don't have it, her response is, "I'm sorry, that is confidential information, we can't release phone numbers!"  Excuse me, I'm the one who pays YOUR salary. It has already ceased! What Ms. Craider does not know, is that while she was making excuses and lying about 'policy', the entire conversation was transcribed, and yes, I have the date of this transcript as cited on July 12, 2010, at 2:40 p.m. Then, anyone who has had problems with the Diocese or who has complained about the diocese is blocked entrance to the offices, which was confirmed by former Diocesan General Counsel, Santiago Feliciano, Jr.  Sorry, again, I paid for those buildings, therefore,  unless a person has a restraining order for being a convicted felon,, you can't deny entrance...and I WILL STAND OUTSIDE 1409 E. 9TH STREET WITH A PICKET SIGN STATING SUCH...AS THE SIDEWALK IS CLEVELAND CITY PROPERTY! Father Larry Jurcak, the newly appointed pastor of Saint John Bosco Parish in Parma Heights, is another demon to avoid. Not only does he not return phone calls, he INTENTIONALLY refuses to address or refer to God as "FATHER"....and I have proof....just go to Mass when he has is. When the preface is prayed, he says, Ever-living God, which excludes, "Father, all powerful"....another dishonest man running loose and, is the President of the Canon Law Society of America!! GOD HELP US!!

Brother Patrick Shea has no business being the lead counsel for the diocese- he's an agent of Bishop Hitler, and if he thinks he can suppress the freedom of American Catholics from speaking out against the bishop, a letter to the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio Bar Association can rectify that problem.

The Diocese of Cleveland is reaping the fruits of its lies and deceptions- beginning with Joseph Smith's embezzlement charge and then, Bishop James Griffin, the former bishop of Columbus, who hired Mr. Smith published a blatant lie, in The Catholic Times (the official organ of the Diocese of Columbus), The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and The Catholic Universe Bulletin that former bishops Pilla and Quinn had recommended Smith to him for a comparable job in Columbus, while he was still under Federal Investigation in Cleveland. How compelling that Bishop Griffin resigned 4 months after Joe Smith was convicted. If his health was as bad as he claimed to be, he would not be teaching 5 courses at the Josephinum for the 2010-2011 Academic Year. So much for Bishop Griffin's honesty, especially since he closed the BEAUTIFUL Saint Leo Parish in Columbus in 1999...which, was financially viable. Griffin is nothing more than a greedy money monger! One of Griffin's staunchest defenders is the vice-chancellor for the Diocese of Columbus, Deacon Thomas Berg, Jr., who is Griffin's Deacon-in-Waiting....ask anyone in Columbus, and they will tell you that this arrogant deacon is literally joined to Griffin's he's present at any or all functions to which Griffin is invited.TO OUR VISITORS FROM COLUMBUS, BE PROACTIVE AND AVOID BOTH OF THEM AS YOU WOULD POISON IVY IN THE WOODS!

Does the diocese have a problem? YOU BET  IT DOES, AND THE PERSON CAUSING THE PROBLEM IS......   RICHARD LENNON!!!


Posted by Dan on June 26, 2010 at 11:03 PM Comments comments (0)

The following was forwarded to me....I post it for all to see:

Lennon the destroyer did it again. St. James had its last Mass. I was able to tell Tayek, Armstrong and the woman from Boston, they were evil vultures and will have to answer to God someday. Also one less Catholic Charity donation coming in so expect your paychecks to be less. I even told the Bishop off. My mom did too, she told him he was responsible for the lost souls these closing will cause and he will have to answer to God when he dies." He threw my moms hand away. What an evil man. He does not even break out in a sweat, even tho everyone else was sweating up a storm. He was cool and sweat free. Even with a bullet proof vest on and all the rest of the clothing. Not a bead of sweat. Now this Wed. St. Emeric. then the devil can rest.











Cleveland's Bishop Lennon- An Example of Arrogance and Ignorance

Posted by Dan on May 17, 2010 at 8:34 PM Comments comments (0)

Since his arrival in 2006, Bishop Richard Lennon has displayed the most wanton form of arrogance a bishop could possess. While we are cognizant of the reality that it is not fiscally wise to support parishes that can no longer be self-sufficient, he has needlessly closed parishes that did not need to be closed, particularly the ethnic parishes which were funded by the respective national foundation,  and has created a climate of resentment and bitterness among the parishioners of the Diocese. Add to this, the morale of the Cleveland presbyterate seems to be at an all-time low- unlike Diocesan Spokesman, Bob Tayek, who seemed to think otherwise. 

According to to both canon and liturgical law, a church which has been solemnly consecrated CANNOT be given over to any other form of use other than sacred worship. Apparantly, Deacon Jim Armstrong needs a refresher course in canon law. In fact, retired auxiliary bishop A.J. Quinn, who dedicated the now closed Holy Trinity Church in Lorain on March 4, 1984, told The Morning Journal that 'should the parish cease to exist, it must be demolished because it is a building that is exclusively destined for divine worship." So much for the observance of church law. 

Saint Peter's in Cleveland, however, has no business complaining. Their pastor arbitrarily 'vandalized' what was once a beautiful Church into a white-washed tomb, with no respect whatsoever for Catholic tradition or hierarchal establishment. That is the one exception. 

Aside from the closing of parishes, Bishop Lennon has refused to disclose the names of those Cleveland priests who have had credible accusations of sexual abuse leveled against them. It's obvious that he is more concerned about his own agenda as opposed to the salvation of souls. 

It's time for the Holy See to intervene and send this bishop back to Bean-town....where Cardinal Law told the late Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago that the sexual abuse scandal "was a Chicago problem, not a Boston problem." And where did the US clerical sexual abuse scandal originate? BOSTON!

Cleveland has a problem....and it's Bishop Lennon! Draw your own conclusions and offer feedback!