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Posted by Dan on January 12, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Anyone who tuned to the News Channel 5 press conference by Bishop Lennon on January 9, 2012, should have been adept to the following reality...namely, that the Bishop from Boston who blew into Cleveland and caused widespread damage to Catholic identity, is engaging in a massive PR campaign in order to paint himself as the every loyal, ever dedicated Bishop!

Let's take a look at the facts:

First., Bishop Lennon is a profoundly stupid man if he thinks people will believe that he asked for an Apostolic Visit, which brought retired Trenton Bishop John M. Smith to Cleveland for a week-long stay in our city to find out just what is going on here. A canonist from Chicago shared this observation with me and several others: "For Lennon to say that he requested this visit would be like you or I going to the IRS and saying, "I think I've made 7 years worth of errors on my tax returns...audit me!" The canonist went on to say that there is no provision in canon law for this. So, the other reality is that Lennon is such a profound liar, he takes credit for his own trouble! But then, he's from Massachusetts...that says it all!

Second, Lennon's civil attorney, Martin Glavin, gets off telling this blogger that I posted a fraudulent letter that the Bishop adamantly denies writing because there is an absence of protocol numbers, etc. Well, guess what? That's irrelevant, and no rational person cares what Mr. Glavin or Bishop Lennon think. The truth of the matter is this: Ask any person who worked in the Cleveland Chancery office- both at 1027 Superior Avenue and then at 1409 E. 9th Street in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, and they will tell you that Lennon "demanded us to write these horrible letters in response to the complaints of the parishioners, and then we either resigned or he terminated our employment." I can't mention names, because the persons in question have made it clear that Lennon and his attorney would come after them if they disclosed anything. Moreover, the alleged letter that Martin Glavin cited as fraudulent, must not be as such after all, because every other sane attorney and judge in the City of Cleveland has seen this letter and I find it rather compelling that Mr. Glavin has not had the matter investigated further.

Third, be sure to view the latest updated entry on this website. Talk about corruption! And my guess is that Martin Glavin will not respond to this because he's acutely aware that his legal career can come to an abrupt halt, if he continues to promote Lennon's agenda of dishonesty and empty threats of litigation. 

Stay tuned folks...the soap-opera...'As the Cleveland Diocese Turns' will continue in just a few moments!!

-Dan Green

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