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Cleveland's Bishop Lennon- An Example of Arrogance and Ignorance

Posted by Dan on May 17, 2010 at 8:34 PM

Since his arrival in 2006, Bishop Richard Lennon has displayed the most wanton form of arrogance a bishop could possess. While we are cognizant of the reality that it is not fiscally wise to support parishes that can no longer be self-sufficient, he has needlessly closed parishes that did not need to be closed, particularly the ethnic parishes which were funded by the respective national foundation,  and has created a climate of resentment and bitterness among the parishioners of the Diocese. Add to this, the morale of the Cleveland presbyterate seems to be at an all-time low- unlike Diocesan Spokesman, Bob Tayek, who seemed to think otherwise. 

According to to both canon and liturgical law, a church which has been solemnly consecrated CANNOT be given over to any other form of use other than sacred worship. Apparantly, Deacon Jim Armstrong needs a refresher course in canon law. In fact, retired auxiliary bishop A.J. Quinn, who dedicated the now closed Holy Trinity Church in Lorain on March 4, 1984, told The Morning Journal that 'should the parish cease to exist, it must be demolished because it is a building that is exclusively destined for divine worship." So much for the observance of church law. 

Saint Peter's in Cleveland, however, has no business complaining. Their pastor arbitrarily 'vandalized' what was once a beautiful Church into a white-washed tomb, with no respect whatsoever for Catholic tradition or hierarchal establishment. That is the one exception. 

Aside from the closing of parishes, Bishop Lennon has refused to disclose the names of those Cleveland priests who have had credible accusations of sexual abuse leveled against them. It's obvious that he is more concerned about his own agenda as opposed to the salvation of souls. 

It's time for the Holy See to intervene and send this bishop back to Bean-town....where Cardinal Law told the late Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago that the sexual abuse scandal "was a Chicago problem, not a Boston problem." And where did the US clerical sexual abuse scandal originate? BOSTON!

Cleveland has a problem....and it's Bishop Lennon! Draw your own conclusions and offer feedback!

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