sede vacante- december 28, 2016

On December 28, 2016, His Holiness Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Richard G.Lennon from the Pastoral Governance of the Diocese of Cleveland for reasons of health as cited in Canon 401.1 of the Code of Canon Law, which in turn rendered the Diocese of Cleveland SEDE VACANTE. :Let us join in prayer that the Lord will appoint for us a shepherd after His own heart, and who will continue to lead us to Jesus!


Yet another Cleveland Priest, Father James R. McGonegal, falls prey to his addiction to sex. Check out the Plain Dealer's story by clicking here. It is now the time for Richard Gerard Lennon to B-E-G-O-N-E from the Diocese of Cleveland, and afford him ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT OR OBEDIENCE for the SIN that has infiltrated this once great local Church. Just like anything....obedience is rendered in all things EXCEPT SIN....and if this arrogant Bishop (who has absolutely no clue on how to be a Bishop) dares to take me on...he would be well served to remember rhat the entire city of Cleveland can't stand him! This website has well over 990,000 hits, and WE WILL NOT OBEY THIS ILLEGITIMATE, ARROGANT MAN WHO CLAIMS TO BE A BISHOP...BECAUSE HE'S A LOSER! 


In a recent communication from a priest in Rome, it has been confirmed that Bishop Richard Lennon DID NOT request retired Bishop John M. Smith of Trenton, N.J., to conduct an Apostolic Visitation to the Diocese of Cleveland...rather, the priest informed this webmaster that the Vatican had been inundated with over 3, 000 letters of complaints about Bishop Lennon's leadership of the Diocese of Cleveland, and that an Apostolic Visitation was in the making for some months.

It also bears to mention that canon law has never made provisions that a bishop request such a visitation! It seems rather evident to most of the normal-thinking parishioners of our Diocese that Bishop Lennon is a venemous snake, filled with nothing but contempt for people who witness to the truth. Perhaps the photo below, will exemplify this statement:


 This file photo was sent to us courtesy of THE BOSTON GLOBE, whereby Dick Lennon berates a protester and victim of the Clerical Sexual Abuse Scandal in Boston as a "Sad Little Man!" This webmaster is sending a very clear message to this arrogant Bishop, along with Sister Therese Guerin Sullivan, that I REFUSE TO RESPECT OR TO IN ANY WAY SUPPORT THIS MEAN-SPIRITED MAN, that under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, I have the legal right to oppose this man, and any other right thinking Catholic needs to do the same. Face it, Bishop Lennon....THIS WEBSITE IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU...AND THE ONLY LOSER IN THIS PICTURE IS Y-O-U !!! 


While the photos and guestbook of this website have been taken down, Father Doug Koesel would be well served about a fundamental moral principle: YOU CANNOT ACCUSE OTHERS WITHOUT PROOF! The content of his weekly bulletins are far from inspiring to this webmaster, and he, along with Father Bob Marrone need to be reminded that the CHURCH BELONGS TO JESUS CHRIST...not to us....we are but members of Christ the head, and that those who are ordained are no longer their own person! Perhaps the corruption in our Church would be eradicated the ordained ministers of the Church keep their focus on CHRIST rather than themselves, which is why we are grateful for the gift of Fr. Eric Orzech!


during the interregnum...let us pray! march 1, 2013

Aside from the most recent update, how about we start praying for the Cardinals to get it right in choosing the successor to Benedict XVI. Maybe, just maybe, he'll get rid of Dick Lennon...which can't happen soon enough. 


Author's Note: Please excuse the inordinate delay in updating this site! 

It will soon be one year on March 7th when the Vatican Congregation for Clergy overturned Bishop Richard Lennon's closure of 13 parishes in 2010. While the appellants received a major victory, deep division remain in the Diocese of Cleveland.

Among these divisions are two realities: First, Bishop Lennon and the Vicar for Clergy and Religious, Father Michael Gurnick, have yet to take any action on the corrupt actions of Father Robert Marrone, who, against the Bishop's edict, continues to operate The Community of Saint Peter in a rented warehouse on the East Side of Cleveland. Second, these same individuals have yet to make a determintion  on Marrone's status, along with taking Father Doug Koesel to task for the seemingly heterodoxy he's permitting to happen at Blessed Trinity Parish on Puritas Avenue.

This author went to Blessed Trinity and was told in no uncertain terms that devotional practices are frowned upon, and that if you want "devotion...go to Saint Patrick's. If you want a real expresit on of CHURCH, you can come here!" Talk about a lack of welcome!

Bishop Lennon and Father Gurnick would do well to do something about these disgraceful priests who have no business being priests!


Bishop Richard Lennon would be well served by the first reading of 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, and by this link which reminds him of the TRUTH of the disruption of ecclesial unity he has caused among the good people of our Diocese. Dick Lennon should also be cognizant of the reality that he is the only bishop in the history of the Cleveland Diocese to have a website that is totally committed to his removal from office! He is not equal to the Pope but is subordinate to him! And, if Dick Lennon and his Feminist Nazi Chancellor, Therese Guerin Sullivan continue their dishonest tactics, they can be assured that this author WILL REFUSE TO ACCEPT THEIR AUTHORITY, AND THERE IS NOTHING IN CANON LAW THAT PREVENTS ME FROM MAKING THIS SATATEMENT! IF DICK LENNON AND CHANCELLOR SULLIVAN WANT TO CONTEST THIS WEBSITE...THEN EITHER SHUT-UP OR PUT UP A DEFENSE ON THE DIOCESAN WEBSITE! This website has grown to 150,000 views from literally all corners of the globe...including the Holy See! 

It's far past time for Richard Lennon to BEGONE!


Father Doug Koesel is apparantly a clueless idiot about what it means to be a faithful priest when heterodoxy like this appears in his parish bulletin. Click here for the latest of installment of HETERODOXY AT BLESSED TRINITY...another perfect example of the blatant incompetence and ineffective leadership of Dick Lennon!


The Associated Press has announced that Dick Lennon will not be attending the re-openings of the parishes he closed, which were upheld by Rome. THANK YOU, JESUS! Now, let us pray that Dick will be ousted from our fair city!

from the national catholic register~may 25, 2012


The recent decision of Cleveland Bishop Richard G. Lennon to eliminate his diocese’s pastoral planning office appears to have been the final straw, atop a growing list of grievances, for some of his priests.

Since the office’s closing and concurrent firing of two long-time and respected employees, several priests have written letters to Lennon’s superiors in the United States and in Rome, voicing a lack confidence in his leadership and requesting his removal.

The letters surfaced even as Lennon is engaged in the early stages of restoring 11 parishes, carrying out an order from Rome that reversed his earlier decision to shutter the churches. The bishop said in a May 23 meeting with the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial board he hopes to begin reopening parishes by mid-June and complete the process by Aug. 1, the newspaper reported.

Obtained by NCR Thursday morning, the letters from three priests — whose names and respective parishes were blacked out — call for Lennon’s removal as their bishop, and express their waning confidence in his ability to lead the diocese.

“I write to you with a heavy heart to say that it is time for our Bishop, Richard Lennon, to move on,” wrote one priest in a letter dated May 7 to Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy.

Lennon, “aware of the growing disconnect” between himself and the presbyterate, wrote to all diocesan priests May 21, saying “I am writing to assure you of my desire to remedy this situation.”

The letter announces a series of nine, two-hour small group gatherings for the bishop and priests to be held between June 7 and July 2. “I will come to these meetings eager to hear your suggestions for improving our relationship. I will listen with an open heart,” Lennon wrote.

The priest, in his letter to Piacenza, acknowledged Lennon’s positive qualities — good one-on-one, skilled in fundraising — but said that the “pain and damage caused by the merging and closing of churches” calls for new leadership, even if they had occurred under “the best of bishops.”

He added that the congregation’s decrees overturning Lennon’s attempted shuttering of the 11 churches were interpreted as a vote of no confidence by Rome, and ultimately says it is time for Lennon to leave Cleveland.
“Cardinal Piacenza, there is no joy in Cleveland. Ministry has become a burden for so many of us. We live in fear of retaliation if we are vocal. Desperation has pushed me to a point beyond fear. Please help,” his letter concludes.

In a second letter, addressed to the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the priest — who identifies himself as a pastor of a merged parish that included one of the 11 appealing parishes — expands on the effect of the elimination of the pastoral planning office.

“Pastorally my parish is in turmoil,” he wrote. “The only diocesan office to contact us about our status was the Pastoral Planning Office. That office was decimated by Bishop Lennon last week and two of the diocese’s most dedicated and loyal employees were simply let go after years of faithful service.”

Little more than a week after announcing his decision not to appeal the congregation’s ruling, Lennon dissolved the pastoral planning office, firing with three days notice David DeLambo and Rick Krivanka, two longtime employees with the diocese with extensive knowledge of a majority of the parishes in the diocese.

Lennon said budget constraints forced him to close the office which was largely responsible for helping parishes grow and in developing a sense of pride and ownership among parishioners in their parish's health.

For merging or reopening parishes, the office assisted them in cultivating a spirit of unity and belonging, as well as helped shaped a plan for future growth and stability.

A recent success story for the office’s work is found at St. Colman parish, once slated for closure itself. Upon fighting to keep his church open, Fr. Bob Begin worked with the pastoral planning office on a plan that eventually doubled the church’s weekend worshipping families, and doubled its collection and outreach workers, as well as welcomed 16 new Catholics this Holy Saturday.

In his letter, the priest quotes a fellow pastor who described the office as having “the institutional memory and the competence to help for effective strategic planning. The feelings of dismay and outrage at this latest senseless move on the part of Bishop Lennon only serve to fuel the flames of distrust and suspicion that make it more and more difficult to see how he can ever be an effective leader in this diocese.”

“With all due respect and before imminent chaos in the diocese erupts, I ask you to ask our Holy Father to have Bishop Lennon removed as Bishop of Cleveland,” his letter concludes.

A second priest — writing to Piacenza, Viganò and also Bishop Emeritus John M. Smith of Trenton, N.J., the apostolic visitator to Cleveland in 2011 — shared in the first’s frustration of the pastoral planning office’s closing and its impact on the success of the reopening parishes.

In his letter to Piacenza, the priest accuses Lennon of “going through the motions of reopening the churches/parishes as you have decreed,” and that the closing of the office demonstrates he is managing the reopenings in a way to guarantee the parishes’ failure.

He further stated that those employed in the planning office alone had the expertise to guide the 11 parishes’ restorations, due to their long history within the diocese and past success in working with other parishes, including the letter-writing priest’s own.

“In fact there is no plan to supply the professional services that are necessary to fulfill your decree in any meaningful way,” he wrote. “The plan is rather to assure that no effective assistance will be available. The perception is that the closing of this office is both punitive and strategic.”

In his letter to Smith, who visited Cleveland in 2011 at Lennon’s request to investigate his leadership in the wake of the mass closings and mergers, the priest summed up his perception of the scene in Cleveland:

“There is more distrust than ever and the opinion of almost everyone I talk to from the churches that have won their appeals is that the Bishop is going to ‘set them up for failure.’ … please register my voice as one that thinks that it would be better for all if this Bishop were removed.”

That priests are writing letters is a significant development, said Fr. Donald Cozzens, a retired priest who teaches at John Carroll University, in University Heights, Ohio.

“It takes a certain amount of moral courage for a priest to do that,” he said, indicating that a priest risks a lot by taking such action.

Cozzens said that the role the priests play in the coming months in Cleveland will be critical, given their role not only as leaders at the parish level, but as “collaborators with the bishop in the overall mission of the diocese.”

“And I think it’s fair to say a number of Cleveland priests do not have confidence that there is the kind of cooperation needed today between our bishop, the priests of the diocese and the laity of the diocese,” he said, pointing to the bishop’s initial handling of the parish closings and the closing of the pastoral planning office.

The revelation of the priests’ letters follows the filing of a motion in Rome by St. Patrick parish, requesting the congregation to urge Lennon to enact their decree within 15 days.

If he failed to reopen the West Park church in that timeframe, the motion requests an outside body to do so, specifically Viganò, Smith or the Metropolitan bishop (Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati).

Peter Borre, an advocate for several parishes, said the move was intended to “take this out of the hands of Lennon, and find somebody’s who’s hierarchically superior who will in fact implement what these decrees are all about, the restoration of the parishes, the reopening of the parochial churches.”

Another letter, authored by a retired priest “in good standing” with the diocese, told Viganò of a priest recently “fired” by Lennon. Upset with his handling of parish finances, the bishop ordered the priest to resign immediately from his parish, but not before writing out his resignation in longhand.

Since then, the priest has been reassigned as a parochial vicar of another parish, but has been provided no office, phone or computer. He was unable to claim all of his belongings before his former rectory’s locks were changed, and has been provided no arrangements for meals.

“In the Cleveland Diocese our priests and deacons have been, and still are, bullied and ill treated,” wrote the retired priest. Many fear retaliation if they criticize or question the bishop.

“Priestly morale is decimated,” one priest wrote to Vigano. “Our presbyteral council meeting of April 27 was nearly ended in fisticuffs between the clergy and the bishop.”

“We pray for our bishop every day at Mass,” the priest wrote. “I cannot imagine him being happy here under these circumstances. … I am convinced that unity can only come about with a fresh start at the top. It would give him and us peace, as well.”

“The folks are hurting. The priests are hurting,” he wrote. “Things seem to be so bad that not even the bishop can do anything to make them better, because he is hurting, too. Perhaps it is time for a parting of the ways, hopefully with honor and peace, and an opportunity for healing and forgiveness. Right now there is something wrong here.”


cleveland clergy begin to mobilize against bishop lennon- may 22, 2012

A coalition of Cleveland clergy are beginning to mobilize in engaging a letter writing campaign to the Holy See AGAIN, regarding the flawed leadership of Bishop Richard Lennon. When this webmaster gets additional information, it will be posted here. In the meantime, there is absolutely no legitimate reason as to why the Holy Father cannot simply remove this arrogant and self-serving Bishop from office, since he does not enjoy the support of the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Cleveland. 



Bishop Richard Lennon is deliberately engaging in delay tactics regarding the re-establishment of the 12 parishes ordered to be re-opened by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy.

For the Bishop to cite that this is a 'complex process' is dishonest at best. There is absolutely no legitimate reason whatsoever, to keep having meeting, after meeting, after meeting in order to determine what the respective parishes mean to the respective individuals...something that Father Doug Koesel mentions in his most recent parish bulletin.

Let the letter writing campaign commence AGAIN!!!


We just received word from some former diocesan staff members on some fresh breaking news in the Diocese of Columbus. Looks like mistakes in personnel appointments and/or dismissals are not limited to Cleveland. The arrogance in this Church is A DISGRACE!! From the sound of things, the new diocesan chancellor is a DISASTER!



Dear Friends,

I write to you on behalf of the thousands of parishioners who anxiously await the reopening of their beloved parishes. The Decrees were clear. And the Bishop stated just as clearly on April 17 that this is a time for "peace and unity." He went on to say: This is a time for all Catholics to come together with God’s help and strive to strengthen our Diocesan Church in serving the pastoral and spiritual needs of all the faithful.” We have a very urgent need at this time.

We are amazed and gravely concerned to have learned last Thursday that Bishop Lennon has decided to eliminate the Diocesan Pastoral Planning Office and the experienced staff, including Rick Krivanka. Rick was a major contributor to the entire Vibrant Parish pastoral initiative launched by Bishop Pilla. He knows the Diocese as well as anyone in the eight counties. His dismissal is a very bad omen for Cleveland, and it does not bode well for the twelve.

This is either a direct affront to the expectations of our reopening parishes, or the Bishop simply does not appreciate the "valuable resource" [his team] found in the Pastoral Planning Office. Whatever, this latest "suppression" makes no sense and the timing could not be more alarming. 

I no longer believe the Bishop is capable of carrying out the enactment of the Decrees with fairness or charity, much less with any sensitivity to the gracious involvement of the rest of the Diocese. This latest act has convinced me he is not taking steps to support his own statements of April 17. I believe now, more than ever, that it would be best for the Diocese and the Bishop if he were to leave the office. Since I do not believe he will do that willingly, it is time to ask that Bishop Lennon be removed from his office as Bishop of Cleveland.

If you concur, read on. 

It is time to write letters. It is time to speak up. It is time for Cleveland to raise the question more pointedly and with more evidence than ever before. 

It was the late Archbishop Sambi who told Peter Borré that he was in receipt of bags and bags of mail from Cleveland. Those were your letters, written in 2009 and 2010. It is time to introduce ourselves to the new Nuncio, Carlo M. Vigano, and to channel through his office a plea to the Congregations for the Clergy and Bishops.

Our letters will have an impact, and I can assure you that the clergy of the Diocese are also now writing letters. They are doing so at the urging of their colleagues. You can contact clergy you know and ask that they write on behalf of the Diocese, if they are not already doing so. 

We all know that letters from clergy are "weighted" and get more immediate attention. Clergy have been very cautious in recent years. Most still are. But the recent loss of the Diocesan Pastoral Planning Office may have finally disturbed them enough to pick up a pen. My sources say that things have finally "tipped" in that direction. The Bishop got an earful at the Presbyteral Council meeting last Friday.

All letters should be sent to the Apostolic Nuncio in DC, and through his office to the Congregations in Rome. 45¢ each is a bargain. A letter to Bishop Lennon is a reasonable use of your time as well. It will give him, at a glance, a good perspective on the most recent shift in the Diocese. Please be respectful and thoughtful.

I will attach a document with suggested talking points. These are only suggestions. You should feel free to compose whatever you believe will reflect your thoughts at this time. Letters that appear to be "carbon copies," however, do not have the same impact as those that are carefully worded and reflect personal concern and conviction. Try to be yourself and as original as possible.

Letters should be sort. One-page. You don't have to say it all; just say it well. And all your language must be respectful and polite. Graffiti won't fly. Insults will dilute your effort. And we should be above name-calling. If you are going to take the time to write and pay the 45¢, you might as well do it right.

And I suggest you each contact five other friends and ask them to write as well. If they are willing to do the same and ask five of their friends, there will be 30 letters instead of one, just like that, and the mail bags will be bursting. And if we can get these four letters into the mail this week, the impact will be felt all the more.

For the sake of the local Church, I believe this letter writing initiative is a worthy effort at this time. 

The address to the Nunciature is as follows:

The Most Reverend Carlo Maria Vigano 

The Apostolic Nunciature

3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20008 

BLOGGER'S VIEW- april 18, 2012

Bob Miller shares his views on yesterday's news conference with Bishop Lennon:


The Cleveland Diocesan Website again, showcases the departure of a long-time employee. Julie Johnson-Bowling, who served as secretary to former Cleveland Auxiliary Bishop Martin Amos in Akron, and who was successor to the fence-riding Elaine Craider (who also left the Cleveland Chancery in 2011), is no longer with the Diocese of Cleveland as of the last week in March. There have been rumored reports of the continued Culture of Dishonesty which seems to have entered the walls of the Cleveland Chancery Office. There is continued speculation of a Press Conference slated for later this morning...perhaps Dick Lennon will announce his resignation???  One can only hope!


Website members need to be aware that the person who previously posted inappropriate comments in the guestbook has continued failing to respond to make a positive identification of themselves and in keeping with our policy, we continue making public the individual's email address:, in addition to The purported Mr. O'Brien claims that he worked for the Diocese of Cleveland, and after verification from a Diocesan Staff member, it was relayed to us that there was never a  Bill O'Brien who was employed by the Diocese of Cleveland at any time! Please keep us posted if you receive any form of correspondence from this person or if you see any derogatory comments anywhere on the website.The person in question also goes by a screename of ART MURPHY (email address: and/or Please remember, IP addresses are automatically recorded on our statistics page which is reviewed daily by the webmaster, and although Bishop Lennon does not have our support, we will not tolerate any threat of physical harm or unjust harassment of Bishop Lennon or any person who posts on this website, nor will we tolerate any destruction or vandalism of ANY diocesan property or parishes that are under appeal.  Our legal disclaimer clearly cites this policy, and it will be enforced.


It will soon be one month since Bishop Richard Lennon received the Vatican decrees which overturned his unilateral decision to close 13 parishes in 2009 and 2010. According to a statement by Bishop Lennon, he states that his review of the decrees is not cut and dry! This charlatan of a touted 'self-trained' canonist is gravely mistaken, and profoundly stupid to believe this. THIS WEBSITE WILL MAKE IT CRYSTAL CLEAR TO THE BISHOP OF CLEVELAND- THAT ANY PROPERLY TRAINED CANONIST (DEGREED OR NOT), WILL UNANIMOUSLY CONCLUDE THAT THE DECREES WERE SPECIFIC IN HIS FAILURE TO FOLLOW BOTH THE PROCEDURAL AND SUBSTANTIVE LAW OF THE CHURCH...NAMELY, THE ABSENCE OF AN AUTHENTIC DECREE, WHICH IS REQUIRED FOR THE VALIDITY OF HIS ACTIONS!  The Bishop of Cleveland would be very well advised to simply stop the mental, personal and spiritual abuse of the people of the Diocese, and above all else, from being an arrogant hypocrite, by simply re-establishing the affected parishes. The only sad little man is the train-wreck that blew into Cleveland from Boston!!!

CONCLUSION: Dick Lennon is an evil and sadistic man, whose primary objective is to destroy parish communities for a profit, along with Attorney David Brennan! YOU'VE BEEN IN CLEVELAND WAY TOO LONG, DICK LENNON....TIME FOR YOU TO GO, 'BYE, BYE, BYE!!'


Bishop Richard Lennon has made a statement that he has received the decrees from the Vatican Congregation for Clergy regarding the parish appeals. The statement can be found here.


Bishop Richard Lennon was handed a major defeat this past Wednesday, as the Congregation for Clergy overruled his decision of closing/merging 13 parishes in 2009.

What this author finds laughable, is the preposterous claim that Bishop Lennon is a self-trained canonist! Well, if this were true, this charlatan of a bishop and a canonist, should have no problem comprehending the fact that the letters he sent regarding which parishes would remain open and which ones would be closing/merging, were just that...letters and not authentic decrees. Moreover, Dick Lennon, and his chancellor, who's been touted as knowing her stuff, must not know a whole lot about canonical procedure after all. A Decree of Suppression was never issued, which makes the Bishop's act, invalid and illicit! Plus, the decree states that the Bishop refused to offer additional requested information to Rome on the matter, and this speaks of blatant arrogance!

Perhaps, just perhaps, the events of Wednesday have provided Dick Lennon with a clearly defined escape route. Perhaps, we can join our prayer for him with our prayer for Barack Obama...May their days be short and someone else to come in and replace them!


We have word from our Chicago canonist, along with this link from WKYC-TV in Cleveland, that the Vatican has OVERRULED the decrees of Bishop Richard Lennon in which 13 parishes were closed. The Vatican confirmed what our canonist has said all along; namely, that proper procedure was not followed including the issuance of a canonically valid decree. Stand by for further developments.


The Chicago media is once again speculating that Bishop Richard G. Lennon, is being rumored to be the next Archbishop of Chicago. Our team of researchers are investigating this claim and will be updating our findings in a timely manner. GOD HELP CHICAGO...AND OUR NOTICE TO ROME...THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU APPOINT THIS ARROGANT, EVIL MAN TO CHICAGO...OTHERWISE, DON'T EXPECT OUR RESPECT OR SUPPORT, AND THIS WEBSITE WILL SOON READ, CATHOLICS AGAINST THE VATICAN!! There is an old adage in the Church that goes: "If the media begins announcing the appointment of bishops to a particular area, the appointment will NOT take place." Let's hope this is the case in particular circumstance!


It all began with Bishop Anthony M. Pilla, and then escalated with Bishop Richard Lennon... a culture of corruption and dishonesty in the ranks of the Cleveland Chancery Office. If one listens to the Bishop Diaries, you'll see what this author means. In summary, not only did Bishop Pilla throw the beloved Charlie Feliciano under the bus for coming to know some deep, dark secrets of the Cleveland Chancery, our own sources, comprised of former chancery personnel (on the condition of guaranteed anonymity), have informed us that during his tenure, Bishop Pilla harassed and intimidated the Kodger family, whose son, Christopher, was sexually abused by former priest, James Mulica, and had attempted to have a former Pastoral Minister of a now closed parish, "arrested for pedestary, but had no proof" according to a former chancery staff member. Additionally, we have learned that 4 others have terminated their employment from the Diocese of Cleveland, due to the dishonest tactics of Bishop Richard Lennon- namely, that they were coerced by Bishop Lennon to compose condescending correspondence to those who appealed and challenged his unilateral closing of particular parishes, and then deny that the correspondence was ever written, and to even deny that Bishop Lennon received such letters, especially when Attorney Martin Glavin dared to challenge the legitimacy of the letter written to Mr. Robert Miller. These individuals simply tendered their resignation to the Diocese and moved on. 

It seems rather compelling to this observer that the Diocese of Cleveland has a serious credibility problem, and Martin Glavin would be well served to come to the realization that he's representing an idiot from Boston with absolutely no sense of morality or concern for the faithful or the citizens of Cleveland. Any sensible person who feels what's posted here is false, should have enough guts and drive to refute what they see here. I guess they don't after all. Perhaps the torch needs to be passed to a bishop who knows what it means to be a shepherd, and before Bishop Lennon is stupid enough to tell me that I don't know about the mission of the Church, let me assure this arrogant, sour pundit, that when it comes to understanding the Church's mission, I'm far more adept than he, and before he opens his mouth, perhaps he needs to be reminded of his abysmal record in Boston! I FOR ONE, WILL NOT OBEY OR RESPECT RICHARD LENNON, AND HE CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! 

-Daniel Green 



Since the inception of this website in May of 2010, we've seen an average to above average increase in the number of hits and members, and in some cases, have seen record numbers of visitors in the course of any given day. However, I'm pleased to share with all of you that as of Noon today, 550,000 visitors have visited this website in the course of today alone- of which 17 of these hits have come from the Holy See!! Our statistics show a literal world-wide following- from Canada to Latin America; from Great Britain and Ireland to Australia and the Philipines...from Germany to Poland, and of course Italy, and some military installations. 

We're achieving our objective in exposing the truth about Richard Lennon, and this exposing will continue until his removal from office, which we hope will take place in the course of the Ad Limina Visit in Rome by the Bishops of Ohio and Michigan in February. 

In the meantime, we need to keep increasing our numbers please, keep passing our site to any and all interested parties!! :-)

-Dan Green



Within the past day, it's been brought to our attention and understanding that Mr. David Brennan, an Akron Attorney who serves on the Cleveland Diocesan Capital Campaign, has purchased several closed parish campuses in order to convert them into charter schools in the affected areas, which have been nothing short of an abysmal failure. Our understanding of the matter is that Bishop Lennon intentionally railroaded these parishes by declaring them to be financially distressed when the opposite was true, and that before the assets went to the people, the Bishop helped himself to a portion of these assets in order to assist Mr.Brennan in reinvesting the campuses as part of community outreach! If our understanding is not accurate...PLEASE INFORM US so that we can have accurate facts.


In either event, this is nothing more than blatant corruption and dishonesty on the part of the Diocese of Cleveland. Mr. Brennan is currently involved in a civil action for his refusal of being transparent with the finances of these charter schools, and will most likely be investigated by the Ohio Bar and the Ohio Supreme Court for possible corruption and conflict of interest.  Be certain to stay tuned for further details as they become available. 



On December 23, 2011, Bishop Richard Lennon sat down with Anchor Leon Bibb of News Channel 5 in Cleveland, to discuss many topics of interest. The link can be found here. However, what Bishop Lennon failed to categorically address is that his decision to close particular parishes in Cleveland, particularly, Saint Patrick's in West Park and Saint James in Lakewood, was a unilateral decision, irrespective of the fact that by canon law, he had to consult with the presbyteral council. He never mentioned the Apostolic Visitation which occured this past July, nor was it mentioned about the thug tactics he used when legitimate concerns and questions were raised about his unilateral decision.

Obviously, Mr. Bibb's interview with Bishop Lennon did not tell the full story! 


We are hearing underground reports, that King-Dictator Lennon has 'fired' yet another priest in the Diocese for a 'financial issue.' There is speculation that it's in regard to the Capital Campaign. 

The "Aytollah" would be well served to be reminded that he should be concerned with the upcoming Ad Limina visit to Rome in February, and that he has no right to suppress the rights of the clergy who have the right to question his polices if they are perceived as not benefiting the common good of the Diocese. 

Be aware of this Bishop and your coward, 'keystone cop' attorney are nothing more than snake-oil salesmen, and the persons responsible for this website DARE YOU to try and shut it down, and since you have no guts to make a rebuttal, be assured that the people of the Diocese do not need to support you, and we have strong legal representation that will destroy your ability to lead any Diocese- much less Cleveland. WE DON'T WANT YOU, WE DON'T NEED YOU AND THE SOONER YOU'RE OUT, THE HAPPIER WE WILL ALL BE!! And if you expect the people of the Diocese to believe that YOU asked for this Apostolic Visitation, you're a profoundly stupid man! No person in their right mind would do this. It would be like going to the IRS and saying, "I think I may have made errors on my tax form...audit me!"

Make no mistake Bishop Lennon- the longer you remain in Cleveland, the more we'll expose you for the "sad little man" that you truly are!!


Attorney Martin T. Glavin, who apparantly is retained by the Diocese of Cleveland, continues to insist that the letter written by Bishop Lennon to Mr. Robert Miller is forged. Mr. Glavin is hereby notified though this public announcement, that the letter has been determined to be authentic, and is now in the hands of ecclesiastical authorities in Rome. Furthermore, the letter went viral prior to Mr. Glavin's email notification on the matter, and several of his legal colleagues in Cleveland have copies of this letter proving the authenticity of the letter from Bishop Lennon.

Mr. Glavin is not a qualified canonist, nor does he possess any legal jurisdiction in this matter. He needs to be reminded that once the Holy See becomes involved in an ecclesiastical/legal process, all civil involvement ceases, with the sole exception of cases related to the sexual abuse of minors.

What is rather compelling is that Mr. Glavin has yet to respond to the issues at hand- because he does not have a case.

Bottom line, Mr. Glavin, back off...otherwise, you and Dick Lennon will LOSE!!


With all that has transpired with the current Episcopal Leadership, Bishop Lennon would be doing the City and the Diocese of Cleveland a huge favor by realizing that his arrogance and refusal to address the numerous issues regarding his gross negligence and leadership has been the cause of ecclesial and civil unrest and should simply RESIGN! Perhaps this question needs to be posited to Bishop Lennon.."Why do you LIE about this the nature of Bostonians??? We have YET to hear you legally contest anything on this website. You know things are a mess. You are sitting on a mess, and you REFUSE to do anything about it. You are far from being a servant-leader, and your departure will be a celebrated event by many! 


The Apostolic Visitation to the Diocese of Cleveland which was conducted by Retired Bishop John M. Smith of Trenton, NJ has been completed. We now continue with prayers in earnest that a speedy resolution to this conflict will ensue.

Hopefully, the Diocesan Coat of Arms will replace those of Bishop Lennon upon his removal from office. The diocesan arms will indicate SEDE VACANTE! 


Greetings Everyone!

As the subject line says...A can follow micro-updates on my Twitter Page by clicking here.  And a reference...the purported letter from Bishop Lennon which was received by a member of this website was OFFICIALLY INFORMED by a private investigator that the letter is NOT FRAUDULENT.  Legal experts (civil and canonical) from Chicago have stated in sworn statements that 1: Ordinary Catholics do not have access to Diocesan letterhead, and that from a legal standpoint, margins and other 'structural elements' are not relevant. 2: Regardless of what others may think, 'Protocol Numbers' are never cited on private replies to individuals. They are affixed on replies that deal with official canonical complaints, decrees, rescripts or correspondence in which the bishop makes a decision in an important matter. The only exception to this norm is correspondence that is issued from the Nunciature in Washington, D.C. The official reference book that cites this is: THE CLERICAL PROCEDURAL HANDBOOK, published by the CLSA. It clearly cites the procedure. Likewise, the purported 'fraudulent letter' of Bishop Lennon, has made the circuit of the Cleveland Legal Community, and they also hold the belief that the Bishop (or his delegates) wrote the letter, and that the signature is his! 3.  What is relevant is that the tone of the letter is the same tone which he used with a former member of Saint Patrick's Church in Cleveland in a FOX 8 Cleveland news clip


 This weekend's Gospel focuses on Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and I offer the following observation for your prayerful consideration and reflection. Jesus accuses the Pharisees of such poor leadership that the sheep no longer heed their voices. If they are no better than thieves and robbers, the sheep will find comfort elsewhere!


In describing the Pharisees as thieves who come only to steal, rob and destroy, when they were supposed to shepherd their sheep, the condemnation of Christ could not come in harsher terms. Christ as the sheep gate through which we pass in safety is an unusual image in Scripture for sure. But the biting words of criticism against those who were supposed to shepherd their people, rather than hurt them, remains a haunting reminder in every age.


Sheep who are abused or frightened will NOT follow the voice or the direction of strangers. We can be grateful that Jesus is identified as the Good Shepherd. When we hear His voice, we can follow with confidence. Entering through Christ as the gate is virtually the same as to recognize Christ as the Shepherd. Either way, it's bad news for pretenders. AND YOU, BISHOP LENNON ARE JUST THAT, A PRETENDER AND AN EVIL, CORRUPT AND VINDICTIVE ONE AT THAT!! TRY SHUTTING THIS WEBSITE DOWN, AND WE WILL ASSURE YOU OF AN OFFENSIVE ATTACK THAT WILL MAKE ROME WISH THEY NEVER SENT YOU TO CLEVELAND!!





Robert Miller, a member of this website has informed us that he sent a FAX to Archbishop Pietro Sambi and the Congregation for the Clergy, regarding the news bulletin of October 14, 2010.

Neither Bishop Lennon  nor Fr. Doug Koesel have any authority whatsoever to make such decisions while the appeals process is in progress. The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor has been shown this website, and NOTHING that is posted here qualifies for either criminal or civil action. We have retained civil and canonical counsel, and will NOT hesitate to employ their services against Father Koesel or Bishop Lennon if needed.

Daniel Green 


As of Midnight today, the Cleveland Catholics Against Bishop Lennon Website reached a record 1500 hits!!!!  This is due to the interest in our T-Shirt Protest against the Bishop, and I offer some feedback on this initiative.

The recent shipment of  T-Shirts to our college and university students was a major undertaking. WE NEED YOUR HELP! It's simply not advantageous to keep asking the same folks (including myself) do keep doing all the work necessary in this endeavor. Therefore, I'm asking any and all interested individuals who support our cause of having Bishop Lennon removed from Cleveland, to form their own cluster of individuals who can purchase and assemble the T-Shirts and make them available for purchase. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with additional questions, concerns or comments. We're here to serve and be united in a common purpose.

-Daniel Green 


Deacon Tom Senn from OLA sent me the following email yesterday:


To what parish do you currently belong?

Are you and your Family attending Mass weekly?

What would have to happen for you to shut down this website?

My reply to Rev. Mr. Senn was that my family and I are attending the Byzantine Cathedral in Parma for the time being, and when Dick Lennon is removed from the chair at 9th and Superior, then, and only then, will we return to worship in the Latin Rite! I likewise informed Deacon Senn that before statements are made that this is not permitted, canon law guarantees us the right to our sacramental participation in ANY CATHOLIC RITE!

Does anyone really need to know what has to happen for this website to be shut down??? UNBELIEVABLE that such a question should even have to be asked. 

As expected, I've received no rebuttal from Deacon Senn or the Diocese. That, should absolutely no surprise! 

 -Robert Miller


On Friday, August 13, 2010, the members of Saint Emeric Church in Cleveland, held a news conference with regard to the closing of their parish. The parishioners requested that Bishop Richard Lennon reconsider his decision in light of the following stipulations: 1. That the parish be re-opened; 2. That the priest who was assigned be reinstated; and 3. That Bishop Lennon come to celebrate a Mass of Reconciliation. Bishop Lennon clearly stated in his reply to the parishioners that, "I will not respond affirmatively to your request." This author is likewise sending a clear message to Bishop Lennon that under no circumstances will I support his ministry as Bishop of Cleveland, and that he CANNOT forbid any member of this Diocese from peacefully protesting him at functions he celebrates throughout the Diocese. If Bishop Lennon feels that he is being 'harassed', he is clearly delusional and misinformed, and he is to be advised that I have spoken directly to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, who informed me that if Bishop Lennon attempts to ban peaceful protests or to in any way censor this website, HE AND THE DIOCESE OF CLEVELAND WILL BE SUED FOR VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH, AS WELL AS THE RIGHT TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!  The arrogance which Bishop Lennon exhibits is outrageous and sinful, and I owe him ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and if you don't like what I have to say, Bishop Lennon, that becomes YOUR PROBLEM and make no mistake, the road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops like YOU!

Robert Miller 



On Thursday, July 22, 2010, a member of CLEVELAND CATHOLICS AGAINST BISHOP LENNON received a phone call from the Charge d'Affairs of the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, D.C., confirming that his FAX on behalf of Endangered Catholics was received and that immediate attention would be given to the detailed document regarding the dispositions of Bishop Richard G. Lennon in light of the recent parish closures/mergers. In part, the FAX read, "What Bishop Lennon is doing is sinful... and that it's time to put aside ecclesiastical 'politics' and deal the way Jesus would with religious leaders who abused their authority." The FAX also clearly stated that if Bishop Lennon is not removed, ..."A grass-roots campaign to withhold all financial contributions will aggressively begin."

Please continue spreading word about this website. So far, we are starting to increase our 'hits' in Galveston-Huston, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Washington, D.C.; Columbus, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Germany; London, England; Quebec, Canada and Dublin,Ireland, and of course, Rome!

 -Robert Miller


On July 12, 2010, the members of Saint Patrick's Church in Cleveland received a letter from the Congregation for Clergy extending the deadline to review the parish merger dictated by Bishop Richard Lennon. This is an extraordinary act, since most Roman Congregations only consider a three month extension of such appeals. 

While this is no guarantee that the bishop's decision will be reversed, it does seem very plausible that the Congregation is acutely aware of the division within the Diocese of Cleveland which has been brought about by Bishop Lennon's blatant disregard for the prescriptions of canon law.

Let us keep the folks of Saint Pat's and the others who are appealing the bishop's directive in our prayers. 


Parishioners of the former St. Casimir's Church on E.83rd and Sowinski walk
past the arrogant Bishop of Cleveland without greeting him after the final Mass in 2009...


Since the launching of this website, it has been established by insiders from within the Diocese of Cleveland, that Bishop Richard G. Lennon, has demanded an 'assessment' of $200.00 to celebrate the final Masses of parishes that he has ordered closed. While the bishop does hold title to the church buildings, he is forbidden by canon law to collect any revenues by means of unjust 'assessments', and the people DO NOT HAVE ANY OBLIGATION TO PAY SUCH AN AMOUNT OF MONEY TO SUPPRESS A PARISH! 

CLEVELAND CATHOLICS AGAINST BISHOP LENNON, has been created to support parishioners whose parishes were unilaterally closed by this arrogant bishop from sex scandal ridden Boston, and to send a CLEAR MESSAGE to Bishop Lennon that we WILL NOT SUPPORT his ministry as Bishop of Cleveland, for this latest insult in the wake of parish closures/mergers, and that we will take action in petitioning the Holy See to force his resignation and replace him with a bishop who will not only LISTEN to his people, but to be concerned for the salvation of souls in Northeast Ohio.

As noted in the legal disclaimer below...ANY THREAT OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE (including unprovoked harassment) toward Bishop Lennon (including diocesan personnel) or any visitor to this website is ILLEGAL and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Additionally, IP addresses of visitors to our website are automatically retrieved and recorded.  Canon Law provides that the Christian Faithful are guaranteed the right of PEACEFUL RECOURSE against an act of the diocesan bishop. Bishop Lennon has refused to acknowledge this...we are simply making a clear case against him and his administration in light of parish closings as well as his refusal to make public, the list of names of Cleveland clergy who have had credible accusations of sexual abuse leveled against them.